Understanding Precious Metal Alloys

Understanding Precious Metal Alloys

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Two lessons: approx. 50 minutes total learning time

Precious metal alloys are a vital ingredient of the fine jewellery industry. This course includes background information about precious metal alloying; the how, why and where of the processes. It offers insights to help all those in the industry understand the materials fundamental to their profession and answers many day-to- day questions relating to metals.


Lesson 1 – Basic Principles of Alloys
Topic 1: What is an alloy?
Topic 2: Where does precious metal comes?
Topic 3: Why do we value precious metals?
Topic 4: What are precious metals?
Topic 5: The periodic table of elements?
Topic 6: Precious metal density
Topic 7: How much do these earrings weigh?
Topic 8: Why don’t Jewellery manufacturers use pure precious metal?
Topic 9: Creating an alloy
Topic 10: What does alloying achieve?

Lesson 2 – Exploring the most popular alloys used in Jewellery, Silverware & Manufacturing
Topic 1: Alloy Types
Topic 2: Why does it matter which alloy is used?
Topic 3: What are the main benefits of alloying Precious metal?
Topic 4: Gold is not always yellow…
Topic 5: Mixing the ingredients
Topic 6: Elements in commercial precious metal alloys
Topic 7: 18ct Gold Alloys, Yellow, White and Red
Topic 8: 9ct Gold Alloys, Yellow, White and Red
Topic 9: 22ct Gold Alloys – Yellow and Red
Topic 10: Platinum and Palladium
Topic 11: Silver Alloys
Topic 12: Silver Alloys with greater tarnish resistance
Topic 13: Wearing Jewellery of different alloys or fineness together


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