What you will learn?

UK Hallmarking Regulations for Suppliers includes four lessons. Together these provide all the information you need to ensure your product complies with the Hallmarking Legislation and can therefore be sold as precious metal in the UK.

If an article specified as precious metal is not compliant with the Hallmarking Act it will not pass any retailer Quality Control procedures and will have to be sold as white metal or yellow metal, significantly devaluing both its potential price and also its appeal.

Topic 1: The Hallmarking Act 1973
Topic 2: What does the Hallmarking Act say?
Topic 3: What does a hallmark look like?
Topic 4: Who can apply a hallmark?
Topic 5: The four UK Assay Offices
Topic 6:The Assay Office process
Topic 7: Applying the Mark
Topic 8: Enforcing Hallmarking law
Topic 1: The four precious metals
Topic 2: Recognised Fineness
Topic 3: Terminology
Topic 4: Exemption Weights
Topic 5: Exempt Precious metal materials
Topic 6: Articles exempt due to purpose
Topic 1: Distinguishing the metals
Topic 2: Principles of marking Mixed Metals
Topic 3: Mixed Precious Metal Hallmarks
Topic 4: Marks on Mixed Precious and Base Metals
Topic 1: Permitted solder
Topic 2: Excessive use of solder not permitted
Topic 3: Platings
Topic 4: Interlayers
Topic 5: Consents for base metal working parts
Topic 6: Hollow filled items
Topic 7: Gold plated silver