UK Hallmarking – Free Taster

UK Hallmarking – Free Taster

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One lesson; approx. 15 minutes total learning time

Try this taster course to see if this style of learning is for you. You will learn the basic facts about UK hallmarking and why it is so important to the consumer and to the trade. Just register here and give it a try.


Hallmarking Introduction
Topic 2: Hallmarking – a brief history
Topic 1: What is a Hallmark?
Topic 3: Current UK Hallmarking Legislation
Topic 4: The Hallmarking Act 1973
Topic 5: Exemption Weights
Topic 6: A Full UK Hallmark
Topic 7: Why do we need a hallmark?
Topic 8: How The UK Hallmarking System Works
Topic 9: The Dealers Notice

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