What you will learn

This course explains the essential facts about different types of watches, and how to present them knowledgeably. It is ideal for anyone working in jewellery and watch retailing in any capacity.

Topic 1: The Watch Market – Overall Size
Topic 2: Explosion of the Fashion Watch Market
Topic 3: The Quartz Revolution
Topic 4: Success of Swatch
Topic 5: The current Watch Market
Topic 6: Decision Drivers
Topic 7: Infinite Choice
Topic 8: Branding
Topic 9: Distinct sectors
Topic 1: Explaining the difference
Topic 2: Functions
Topic 3: Function selection
Topic 4: Water resistance
Topic 5: Terminology of water resistance
Topic 6: What does ATM or Bar mean?
Topic 7: Water resistance – the reality
Topic 8: Water resistance charts
Topic 9: Divers’ Watches
Topic 1: Wear and Tear
Topic 2: What a service involves
Topic 3: Full Service
Topic 4: What a service involves
Topic 1: Origins and early trends
Topic 2: Computer connections
Topic 3: Wireless data
Topic 4: Moving into the traditional watch market