Four lessons; approx. 1 hour total learning time

Customers needing a jewellery or watch valuation expect their specialist jeweller to provide a professional, efficient service. It is important to be confident about the process involved in order to reassure customers and build customer loyalty.  This course explains the valuation process, how to increase sales and explores the long- term benefits of offering valuations.

Topic 1: What is a Valuation?
Topic 2: Why do people need valuations?
Topic 3: What does offering a Valuation service say about your brand?
Topic 4: How does a valuation service benefit your business?
Topic 5: How a valuation can build customer satisfaction
Topic 6: Valuations for Insurance
Topic 7: Valuing current items for Insurance
Topic 8: Valuing older items for insurance
Topic 9: Valuing for Probate
Topic 10: Other reasons for Valuations
Topic 11: Assessing an item for valuation
Topic 12: Who can carry out a valuation?
Topic 1: Assessing the item
Topic 2: What will the valuer look for
Topic 3: The valuer will also consider
Topic 4: Information to support the valuation
Topic 5: What the valuer needs to know
Topic 6: How does this information help
Topic 7: Variations in value
Topic 8: Example 1– Solitaire Diamond Ring
Topic 9: Example 2 – 9ct Gold Curb Chain
Topic 1: Opportunities to sell a valuation
Topic 2: Customers requesting a valuation
Topic 3: Opportunities: Conversations around repairs
Topic 4: Opportunities: During a sales transaction
Topic 5: Renewal of previous valuations
Topic 6: Taking in a valuation
Topic 7: Presenting valuation to your customer
Topic 1: Who are SafeGuard?
Topic 2: Straightforward cost effective model
Topic 3: Independent Opinion
Topic 4: Support for all customers
Topic 5: Event Days
Topic 6: Safeguard Video