Businesses in the jewellery, watch and silverware industry take security seriously in order to protect their staff, customers and high value stock.

The significant investment in security measures, equipment and defined procedures cannot be effective unless staff are aware of the risks and respect the measures in place.

It does outline the risks and emphasizes why all individuals should take security seriously and be accountable for their own personal safety and that of the business.

It encourages staff to consider how they would respond in typical situations and questions whether they are familiar with the procedures and equipment which could be so crucial during an incident.

This course is suitable for anyone that is new to the industry and will ensure that they are aware of the security procedures within the Jewellery, Watch and Silverware industry.

Topic 1: What is Security?
Topic 2: Security at home
Topic 3: Potential physical threats
Topic 4: Be alert – don’t be fooled
Topic 5: Security of vehicles outside of your home
Topic 6: Security on the move – planning
Topic 7: Be aware of you surroundings
Topic 8: Travel Smart
Topic 9: Lesson 1 Reflection
Topic 1: Jewellery Criminals
Topic 2: SaferGems
Topic 3: Types of Criminal Activity
Topic 4: Trends in types of Crime
Topic 5: Burglary
Topic 6: Fraud
Topic 7: Robbery
Topic 8: Smash & Grab
Topic 9: Suspicious Incident
Topic 10: Theft/Larcency
Topic 11: Opening and closing the site
Topic 12: Lesson 2 Reflection
Topic 1: Risks for business
Topic 2: Risks for Individuals
Topic 3: Lesson 3 Reflection