What you will learn

Sales of wristwatches in the UK represent a large proportion of the turnover of all Jewellery outlets, both on the High Street and on-line. This course explains the essential technical facts about different types of watches. It provides ideal background knowledge for people taking in repairs or advising enthusiasts selecting high end watches.

Topic 1: The current Watch Market
Topic 2: How the Wristwatch came to be
Topic 3: The early Escapement
Topic 4: How the Escapement works
Topic 5: Development of the Escapement
Topic 6: Early Pocket Watches
Topic 7: Development of the Pocket Watch
Topic 8: The Lever Escapement
Topic 9: Early Wrist Watches
Topic 10: Swiss Development of the Escapement
Topic 11: The Quartz revolution
Topic 12: The impact of the Quartz Watch
Topic 13: The birth of Fashion Watches
Topic 14: And the Aftermath
Topic 1: Mechanical Watches – An overview
Topic 2: Keyless Works
Topic 3: Motion Works
Topic 4: Mainspring
Topic 5: Centre Wheel
Topic 6: Balance Wheel
Topic 7: Automatic
Topic 8: Calendar
Topic 9: Chronograph
Topic 1: Quartz Watches – An Overview
Topic 2: The circuit
Topic 3: Quartz crystal
Topic 4: The Signal
Topic 5: The Stepping motor
Topic 6: The Pulse
Topic 7: Performance Standards – Accuracy
Topic 8: Performance Standards – External Factors
Topic 1: Origins and early Trends
Topic 2: Computer Connections
Topic 3: Wireless Connectivity
Topic 4: Increasing Functionality