Three Lessons: approx. 1 hour learning time

Hallmarking legislation is long established, important to the UK trade and widely misunderstood by both trade and consumers. This course unravels the myths, explores the benefits and reassurance of hallmarking and explains the essential facts. It is ideal for anyone working in the jewellery or precious metal industry or buying similar items in any capacity.

Topic 1: Three Compulsory Marks
Topic 2: Sponsor Mark
Topic 3: Examples of Sponsor Marks & outline shapes
Topic 4: Fineness Marks
Topic 5: Assaying to confirm Fineness
Topic 6: Hallmarked Precious Metal
Topic 7: Gold Fineness Marks
Topic 8: Silver Fineness Marks
Topic 9: Platinum Fineness Marks
Topic 10: Palladium Fineness Marks
Topic 11: Assay Offices
Topic 12: Assay Office Marks
Topic 13: Applying the Mark – by Punch
Topic 14: Applying the Mark – by Laser
Topic 1: An Overview of Additional Authorised Marks
Topic 2: Optional Traditional Fineness Marks
Topic 3: The Six Traditional Precious Metal Fineness Marks
Topic 4: Date Letters – Historic
Topic 5: Date Letter – Current
Topic 6: Commemorative Marks
Topic 7: The use of Commemorative Marks
Topic 8: Example of Millennium Mark
Topic 9: Example of Golden Jubilee Mark
Topic 10: Example of Diamond Jubilee Mark
Topic 11: The International Hallmarking Convention
Topic 12: The UK in the Convention
Topic 13: Countries who are members of the International Convention
Topic 14: CCM Fineness Marks
Topic 15: Fairtrade Marks – Background
Topic 16: Fairtrade Marks on Precious Metal
Topic 1: Introduction to Mixed Metal Legislation
Topic 2: Principles of Mixed Metals Marking
Topic 3: Distinguishing the Metals
Topic 4: Mixed Metal Benefits
Topic 5: The Mixed Precious Metal Hallmark
Topic 6: Mixed Precious & Base Metals
Topic 7: Mixed Metal Item Exemption Weights
Topic 8: Platings and Interlayers
Topic 9: Bonded Gold and Gold Platings
Topic 10: Consents for Working Parts
Topic 11: Use of Solder
Topic 12: Articles Exempt Due To Purpose
Topic 13: Exempt precious metal materials