About this Course

Consumer Rights Act 2015 includes 6 Lessons:

Topic 1: The new Act
Topic 2: Some basic definitions
Topic 3: Other transactions
Topic 1: Overview of consumer rights
Topic 2: Satisfactory quality – the reasonable person test
Topic 3: Satisfactory quality checklist
Topic 4: When does satisfactory quality not apply?
Topic 5: Reflection on satisfactory quality
Topic 5A: Reflection on satisfactory quality – answers
Topic 6: Fitness for purpose made known
Topic 7: Fitness for purpose made known reflection
Topic 7A: Fitness for purpose made known reflection
Topic 8: As described
Topic 9: Match any sample or model
Topic 10: Goods must be installed correctly
Topic 11: Digital content in goods
Topic 12: Goods rights reflections
Topic 12A: Goods rights reflection
Topic 1: Overview of consumer remedies
Topic 2: Diagram of remedies
Topic 3: Short-term right to reject
Topic 3a: Diagram; Repair or Replace
Topic 4: Repair or replacement
Topic 4a: Diagram; Final right to reject
Topic 5: Price reduction or final right to reject
Topic 6: Reflection on remedies
Topic 6A: Reflection on remedies
Topic 7: The reversed burden of proof
Topic 8: Time limits
Topic 1: Guarantees
Topic 2: Delivery of goods
Topic 3: Passing of risk
Topic 1: Rights and remedies overview
Topic 2: Reasonable care and skill
Topic 3: Reasonable care and skill- remedies
Topic 4: Information about your service
Topic 5: Information about your business
Topic 6: A reasonable price
Topic 7: A reasonable time
Topic 8: Reflection on services
Topic 8A: Reflection on services answers
Topic 1: Intangible digital content
Topic 2: Unfair Terms
Topic 3: Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

The Act defines consumer’s rights when they buy goods, services and digital content from a trader.  This course explains the law and how it will apply to your business in the jewellery sector.

This course is ideal for supervisors/managers who are dealing with customer complaints and returns on a daily basis.