This short course is for those selling or buying items that have been tested by the AnchorCert Pro methodology.
It consists of just one lesson that can be completed in less than 15 minute but includes vital information to help you share the confidence that AnchorCert Pro offers, boosting customer satisfaction and sales.

Topic 1: Introduction
Topic 2: Who are AnchorCert Analytical?
Topic 3: What is AnchorCert Pro?
Topic 4: How does AnchorCert Pro work?
Topic 5: How many metallic elements have been identified as potential allergens?
Topic 6: What is prolonged and direct contact with skin?
Topic 7: What products can be tested using the AnchorCert Pro testing methodology?
Topic 8: What is the benefit of AnchorCert Protect to the customer?
Topic 9: How will the consumer know whether an item has been tested using the AnchorCert Pro methodology?
Topic 10: How can my customer find out more about how AnchorCert Protect?