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  • UK Hallmarking for Trading Standards includes five lessons:
    1. Hallmarking Legislation
    2. Compulsory Marks
    3. Voluntary Marks
    4. Mixed Metals and Technicalities
    5. Putting the Law into Practice.
    This course explains the essential facts about hallmarking legislation and hallmarks. It is ideal for anyone working in Trading Standards who wants to find out how they can use this important consumer protection tool in their work.
  • AnchorCert Pro Training

    £50.00 £0.00 inc VAT
    This short course is for those selling or buying items that have been tested by the AnchorCert Pro methodology. It consists of just one lesson that can be completed in less than 15 minute but includes vital information to help you share the confidence that AnchorCert Pro offers, boosting customer satisfaction and sales.
  • Three lessons: approx. 1 hour total learning time

    Understanding the qualities of a diamond is more important than ever with the recent arrival of gem quality synthetic or “lab grown” diamonds. This course focuses on natural diamonds, offering a brief background to their source and exploring the four recognised measures of quality, the 4C’s, Carat, Cut, Colour and Clarity.

  • Two lessons: approx. 50 minutes total learning time

    Precious metal alloys are a vital ingredient of the fine jewellery industry. This course includes background information about precious metal alloying; the how, why and where of the processes. It offers insights to help all those in the industry understand the materials fundamental to their profession and answers many day-to- day questions relating to metals.

  • Four lessons; approx. 1 hour total learning time

    Customers needing a jewellery or watch valuation expect their specialist jeweller to provide a professional, efficient service. It is important to be confident about the process involved in order to reassure customers and build customer loyalty.  This course explains the valuation process, how to increase sales and explores the long- term benefits of offering valuations.

  • Current UK Hallmarking

    £45.00 inc VAT

    Three Lessons: approx. 1 hour learning time

    Hallmarking legislation is long established, important to the UK trade and widely misunderstood by both trade and consumers. This course unravels the myths, explores the benefits and reassurance of hallmarking and explains the essential facts. It is ideal for anyone working in the jewellery or precious metal industry or buying similar items in any capacity.