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Diamond Training Course for retail staff.


IDEAL FOR: Retail professionals or pawnbroking junior sales staff involved in buying or selling loose diamonds or set jewellery.

This hands-on diamond training course is intended for retail staff who already have some experience in selling jewellery and precious stones. The one-day course will provide an in-depth understanding of diamonds, improving confidence when selling. It gives each delegate a chance to study and observe loose diamonds using a 10x  loupe as in retail conditions. Delegates will gain a greater understanding of the 4 C’s and also diamond treatments, simulants and synthetics. The course provides 6 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activity.

Refreshments are available throughout the day; a sandwich lunch is included in the course price.


Delegates will be given a guided tour of our on-site commercial grading division, AnchorCert Gem Lab,
to view the specialist equipment used. The course will cover:

History of diamonds

Major sources

Diamond Grading – the 4Cs
• Cut
• Colour
• Clarity
• Carat weight

Diamond treatments

• Synthetics
• Imitation
• Certification
• Ethical Issues
• Care

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