AnchorCert Academy, the education and training division of the AnchorCert Group, have launched a range of online e-Learning courses, specially designed to provide efficient, easily accessible training to support those working within the jewellery, watch, gemstone, and precious metal industries.

The Academy currently run a range of one-day intensive courses at the Birmingham Assay Office, designed to share the wealth of expert knowledge and experience built from the company’s 245 years in the jewellery industry. The new online platform aims to expand the reach of their knowledge even further by creating a medium through which retail employees, managers, jewellery makers, or hobbyists can expand their knowledge and confidence in their field and learn quickly and efficiently about the current issues facing their industry.

The Director of AnchorCert Academy Marion Wilson explained, ‘We have people coming from across the UK to attend our courses which is, of course, a fantastic testament to the quality of training we provide, but is not always practical or possible, particularly when resources are limited. We created this new e-Learning platform out of this desire to make learning accessible for everyone across the jewellery, gemstone, and precious metal industries, without the restrictions of time or place. We wanted to ensure that our courses could be completed at any time, anywhere – flexibly working with the requirements of each individual’.

The new e-Learning courses range from introductory to advanced for retailers, sales, technicians, compliance and quality control. Although also effective for jewellery makers or hobbyists, the courses have been designed in relation to the retail environment – commercially orientated, each course imparts the most essential knowledge, training, and skill sets needed to sell products and services confidently.

The courses have been formatted as short, intense lessons with end of lesson quizzes to test the new knowledge and ideas and giving delegates crucial training quickly and efficiently. The first launched courses cover the essential knowledge needed for those working in the jewellery industry – ‘Understanding Natural Diamonds’, ‘Understanding Precious Metal Alloys’, ‘Selling Valuations Confidently’, and ‘Current UK Hallmarking’. There is also a free taster course covering the fundamental principles of hallmarking.

The Birmingham Assay Office was first formed to safeguard the trade and the Academy’s new e-Learning courses aim to extend this core ethos by providing knowledge and training for everyone, anywhere involved in the precious metal, jewellery, or gemstone industries.

Gabby Clarke, the Academy’s Business Development Manager commented, ‘The platform currently hosts four brilliant courses and a free taster course, but we will be adding new courses regularly. Written by experts and backed by the wealth of knowledge of the Birmingham Assay Office, each and every course will aim to tackle a key area of the jewellery, precious metal, or gemstone industries, and to deliver the essential knowledge needed by those involved in the industry’.